Since we started FAUN (DevOp newsletters), we have been curating hundreds of must-read blog posts and stories, and we learned how to distinguish the noise from the signals.

The challenge

We agree that not all online content is good to consume, and we deeply believe that directing our community to quality content is a challenge.

Our mission is identifying the good from the bad to digest and share with you the cream of the crop. We aim to popularize and make cutting edge topics accessible to decision-makers and IT professionals.

We've been doing this for years; it's our core mission and value.

Today, it's our turn to produce the content that we consider useful; The Chief I/O publication focus on guiding you through your DevOps and Cloud-Native journey.


1 - FAUN - 16k subscribers

Stories published on The Chief I/O are also shared with FAUN newsletters subscribers.

We have more than 15k subscribers, and we are offering you the possibility to promote your content and give it a second life for free. As of May 2020, what we offer for free has a value of at least $2,000 (if you consider posting or cross-posting five blog posts).

"The Chief I/O This Week" section, as you can see it in the screenshot below, is the most visible block of the newsletters since it's in the header of an issue. (Check a live example here).

Note: The allocation of sponsoring dates takes place on a first-come, first-served basis.

Kaptain issue Kaptain issue

2 - Social media - 15k followers

Each post is shared multiple times a week to all of our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin ..etc (+15k followers in all social networks)

3 - Our Medium newsletter - 8k subscribers

The best stories are shared in our Medium monthly newsletter (+8k subscribers).

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The best stories are shared with our newsletter readers on a weekly basis.

5 - Your logo on the homepage

In addition to all of the above, we will feature your company as the main sponsor on our homepage for 6 months, if you are a regular contributor.

Note: If you are posting four (4) or more blog posts per month on average on The Chief I/O, you are considered a regular contributor.

Sponsors Sponsors

6 - Lead collection

Using our Visual Form Builder, you can create a landing page for your white papers/guides/ebooks on The Chief I/O and share your resources with our readers.

All whitepapers are promoted in all of our marketing and social channels (including newsletters).

You can download your leads manually in CSV format by going to "Forms" > selecting the whitepaper > then clicking on "Download CSV."

You can automate this using tools like Zapier (see how).

The Chief I/O integrates with most online services via Zapier or one of its alternatives The Chief I/O integrates with most online services via Zapier or one of its alternatives

7 - Integration with Facebook pixel, webhooks and more

When a user interacts with your page (even without downloading the whitepaper), our Facebook pixel generates a custom event. Using this custom event, you will be able to retarget the same user on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook Audience Network immediately. When you create a Facebook ad, you will able to create a custom audience based on the people who visited with your whitepaper page and create multiple lookalike audiences.

The same thing applies to your published stories.

Note: This is an on-demand feature. Please email or usethis form for more details.

Whitepaper marketing automation options Whitepaper marketing automation options


The Chief I/O is a place where companies and developers share their in-house knowledge with our communities and publicize their products and services.

The Chief I/O is open to all writers, marketers, developers, and software engineers. To contribute to our publication, you need to create an account first, then you will be redirected to our dashboard, and you will be able to start promoting your content (Check how to publish a blog post on our publication)

The main topics published on our publication are related to DevOps and Cloud Native: Packaging & Artifacts, Virtualization, Containerization, Cloud Computing, Configuration Management, Provisioning, Kubernetes/Orchestration, Service Discovery, Process Management, Logging, Monitoring/Observability, Visualization, Security and DevSecOps, Error Tracking, Quality Assurance, Serverless..etc

We also accept many formats like research and reports, white papers, case studies, DevOps and Cloud Native news, market and trends analysis, product reviews, opinion pieces, business insights, events related contents, content with an emphasis on the enterprise side of the business, documentations, technical how-to pieces, instruction-based contents, and technical tutorials.