You can post or cross-post your whitepapers on The Chief I/O and start collecting leads automatically.

Create an account

Start by creating an account.

All the details you enter in the signup form will be visible on your company page (e.g. Twitter, Medium..etc).

Make sure to choose a good username, since you are not able to change it later. Your company page will be located at<your-username>

Once you signup, you will be redirected to the dashboard. You will also receive a confirmation email.

Create a whitepaper

  1. Login to your dashboard.
  2. Create a new post, choose "Whitepaper"
  3. Choose the whitepaper title, subtitle, description, company name
  4. Upload the whitepaper cover. A4 format (595 x 842 pixel) is recommended but you can use other formats.
  5. Upload the whitepaper document (PDF).
  6. Create the whitepaper form to collect leads (see the example in the next section).
  7. Add a thank you message that your leads will see when downloading the whitepaper.

The following screenshot shows how your whitepaper title, subtitle, company name, cover, and form are used.

Whitepaper template Whitepaper template

Your whitepaper description is placed under the whitepaper form.

Creating the whitepaper lead generation form

When a reader wants to download your whitepaper, they should be asked for some information, usually: full name, email, country, company, and phone number.

You should create this form using the built-in form editor.

Start by adding the first field. Then add other fields.

Let's take the example of this form:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Country
Form fields Form fields

For each field you should choose:

  • The label
  • The help text (optional)
  • Whether this field is required or optional
  • The field type
    • "Single line text" for the full name field
    • "Email" for the email field
    • "Drop down" for the country field. You can also use "Single line text" for this field, without providing "Choices".
  • Choices: Comma separated list of choices. Only applicable in checkboxes, radio, and dropdown.
  • Default value: The default value to use when the user ignores the field.

Note: If you are using a country field, you can use this list of comma-separated countries.

The following screenshot shows how this form renders:

This is how the form looks like This is how the form looks like

Download your prospects list

You can download your prospects list in a CSV format by going to "Forms", selecting the whitepaper, then clicking on "Download CSV".

Prospects list Prospects list

Automating your marketing using whitepapers

You have 3 available automation options:

1 - Activating Facebook pixel custom event

When a user interacts with your page (even without downloading the whitepaper), our Facebook pixel generates a custom event. Using this custom event you will be able to retarget the same user on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook Audience Network immediately. When you create a Facebook ad, you will able to create a custom audience based on the people who visited with your whitepaper page and create multiple lookalike audiences.

We designate by "lead" someone who visited your whitepaper web page. We designate by "prospect" someone who downloaded your whitepaper by entering their details and submitting the form.

Using Facebook pixel, not only you will be able to retarget prospects and create prospects lookalike audiences, but you will also be able to retarget leads and create leads lookalike audiences.

This feature is on-demand. After activating the custom event, please contact us, and let's discuss the details.

2 - Webhooks

Webhooks are an easy and efficient way of automating data collection. When a user submits the whitepaper download form and sends their details (e.g Name, Email, Company, Country), this information can be sent (POST) to a webhook(s) of your choice.

You can add up to 3 webhooks in the order you want. We will send the JSON data to these webhooks in the configured order.

3 - Email notifications

Activating this feature will send the lead information to the configured email as soon as it's posted.

Whitepaper marketing automation options Whitepaper marketing automation options

Example of using Zapier to automate your marketing

Check this example here.